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  1. Is there any masthead?
  2. Why did you choose the name kickino?
  3. When did the project start?
  4. Who is the "father" of kickino?
  5. I searched for franks-help, where is it?
  6. How can I add a question?
  7. In the end: Do you want to say "Thank you" to someone?

Is there any masthead?

Sebastian Wieseler
Max-Planck-Ring 7, A 213
98693 Ilmenau, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Contactable via webmaster --AT-- kickino --DOT-- org.


Why did you choose the name kickino? (2003-12-16)

The name kickino is a fictionally name with no special meaning.
I have choosen that name because of the realationchip between me and one of the adminstrators of budano. And because I thought that budano is male so I would like to find a contrast and so I choose kickino and registred that name. In some IRC channels I am better know as kickino also.


When did the project start?

That is difficult to say.
kickino as an 1&1-Account was started 2003-11-23. Now kickino is served by nanofortnight.org.

But years ago I started to write a website, which was/is called franks-help. This project started around 2001-08-25 but before that date franks-help even was published on a server.
The first server was winprofi.de but this domain does not exist any more. The second try to get my website online was on arcor.de, which even today saves my files.
But also subneo included for a few time my files. And now all files and a lot of more files were saved on kickino.

When I speak from franks-help I even have to say that kickino includes one more project - kernel-project.
This project was produced according to a school-project around 2003-11-05 and budano worked as a mirror for that project.


Who is the "father" of kickino?

Do you mean author or webmaster? :-)
That is me. *g* Oh, you want to know my name?
I am Sebastian Wieseler, a 21 years old student from Germany. And kickino is one of that things I work on in my freetime. If you would like to contact me, write a mail to webmaster --AT-- kickino --DOT-- org


I searched for franks-help, where is it? (2004-06-18)

In this FAQ I speak several times of franks-help, that's why this was my first web project ever. But of some reasons I changed the project name from franks-help to geekheaven.
The content of the project doesn't have changed. But I put another design on it and leave the "windows-backround-green-area" with that new design. I want to show everybody that I have developed in the last years, too. I do not need to hide myself, so I do not need a nickname anymore.
So franks-help is dead - geekheaven was born. The future will show what geekheaven can all do and of course what I can do.
But one thing is also clear - I think - Frank© or also Frank_org and all of the other stuff are dead, too. I am Sebastian and this is a wonderful feeling.


How can I add a question? (2004-04-12)

To add a question you can mail me or you can use the formular below. That is your decission.


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Question about kickino:


In the end: Do you want to say "Thank you" to someone? (2004-04-12)

Yes, of course.
First I would like to thank all the server-admins, who make this all possible. I would like to thank also the private persons who helped me all the time to complete these projects and who make kickino possible, too:


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